dance performance – NATIONAL PREMIERE

Dance Company Achievement of Victory (Corea del Sud)

2 August at 22:00
Convitto Palmieri – Lecce

The performance “Ⅲ” by the Dance Company Achievement of Victory represents perfection through the harmony of yin and yang. Overcoming symmetrical and extreme forms, the performance embraces and harmonises these contrasting energies to achieve peace. “Ⅲ” symbolises overcoming difficulties and adversity to achieve wholeness. This journey from loneliness to symmetry to perfection is expressed through dance movements representing the path to completeness. Founded in October 2022, the company is dedicated to sharing experiences and creating intercultural communication with national and international audiences, exploring themes of victory and overcoming adversity.

Production: Korea

Cast: Yeom Seung Hoon, Lim Ji Woo, Park Ji Hyeon


Entrance fee – Single ticket 7€. Pre-sale tickets at www.mailticket.it.

Reservations are recommended by telephoning +39 3894424473 or emailing info@accademiaama.it.