The workshop took place in Tricase from 13 to 18 of June. 

During that time all ten participants archived a full process of developing and closing a dramatic scene, from the idea over the general topic of climate changes. The process was interactive between me and the participants, so everybody was proposing and suggesting ideas to others work… During their writing process I tried to point and define some of the basic rules or tools of playwriting. (Solid conflict, crises or disorder of some kind,  dramatic context, characters in that situation, motivation, suspense, dramatic irony, peripeteia… etc.) The main goal was to inspire, motived and guide participants to get maximum of dramatic possibilities from the idea they choose.

Followed participants were part of the workshop:

Alice Maffei with the scene Anonymous,

(Harmony  of a mother and her daughter living in a perfect world surrounded by beautiful nature and plenty of food is suddenly interrupted by hackers because they were in virtual world and they actually live in the small black box…)  

Dora Pauli with Blind Woman or Bianca’a Home,

(An old blind woman has to abandon her home due to climate changes even though her hall world is this house…)

Daniela Scozzaro with A Place for Birth,

(An pregnant woman is fighting with her boss for her rights argumenting her urge need not to stay in field under over high temperature, but when this not working she blackmails her boss…)

Miriana Maschetti and Dafne Serrati with Carlo and Lily,

(The see is overcoming, two children are trying to save a strange flower on the beach,  but is obviously too late not just for the flower…) 

Stefano Marzano with Father and Son,

(Father is bringing his very ill son in a what used to be a beautiful place but now is polluted anyway the father is explaining his son how this place used to look and the son is pretending that he is seeing this while dying….) 

Samuele Ingrosso and Samuele Spagnola with The Apple Tree,

(President of the future world is getting ready to leave the planet Earth because it is devastated, but before leaving he has virtual talk with his grandfather and after this discussion he decides to stay and plant a tree…)   

Rosangela Bavenga with In search of a New Equilibrium,

( The woman, aware of having fallen ill due to having lost her connection with nature

and the rhythms of light and dark and season and physical contact with the elements…)

Vito Panico with A Tornado.

(Due to a urgent alert of tornado two brothers in their family winery are fighting over, quite an absurd problems in the circumstances, football TV mach, family history…etc while the wind is blowing their winery…).     

Very important role in this workshop took Luca Cortina, Walter Prete, Gustavo D’ Aversa and of course Franko Ungaro who made this possible and excellent organised.