the play 

written in Skopje 

from 2 to 7 of June 2023 


Maja Dreca Ristovski 

Eva Kamcevska 

Stefan Markovski 

Valentina Gjorgievska 

Hristijan Krestevski 

Vesna Kuslevska 

Emilija Matanichkova- Dobkovska 

Olivija Trajkovska 

Tanja Kuzmanoska 

Milica Kostova Ristova 

Walter Prete Gustavo D’Aversa Ivanka Apostolova Baskar 1

Scene 1 – written by Valentina Gjorgievska 

A dialogue between two twin sisters, each 13 years old, about traveling to the North Pole and the South Pole 




Milica I really want to travel to the North Pole, meet Santa Claus and ride a sleigh pulled by reindeer. 

Lile That’s not possible. 

Milica I see no reason why it is not possible? Our teacher told us a beautiful story today. 

Lile It’s only in the stories. It is very cold there and our bodies cannot stand it. 

Milica Then let’s travel to the South Pole and bathe in the sea. 

Lile It’s not possible there either, it’s too hot there and our bodies can’t stand it again. 

Milica Then, it is best not to travel anywhere and stay in the environment in which we are born. 

Lile It is possible and the best solution, our bodies is always safest in our natural environment and adapts to the conditions in which we were born and live. Although now due to climate change, the climate 

everywhere has changed and is warmer than it used to be. 

Milicа Ok Let’s stay in our environment, with our dear parents, and play some of our childhood games… 

After 10 minutes… 

Milica Why do you think Santa Claus doesn’t exist? He exists and for New Year’s we take pictures with him on the Square, remember? And then he returned to the North Pole. I would like for us to go there and for him to give me a ride with his sled. Like in a fairy tale. That will be a lot of fun. He will ride the sled up and down very fast like on a roller coaster… 

Lile Well. I don’t know if you know, but at the North Pole, due to climate change, the ice is melting very quickly and maybe soon Santa Claus will have no place where to slide his sleigh on. And his reindeer run away and there will be no one to drive his sleigh. Didn’t you hear it on TV? 

Milica No. I didn’t hear. Our teacher didn’t tell us that Santa would be gone. She said he was carefree riding his reindeer and waiting for the New Year to come and visit us again with his gifts. 

Lile We could not go there by ourselves. We need money for travel. Milica I see. We will have to ask our parents. And let them come with us… 

Lile Then it is best to tell them that we want to go on a trip to the North Pole with them. I know that they will agree and this year, during summer vacation, we will travel to North Pole all together. And even we don’t meet your favorite character, my sister, your Santa Claus… 

Scene 2 – written by Stefan Markovski 


Dr. Nick 

Dr. Nick To eat, or not to eat, that is the question. If I eat, I may possibly lose months of progress, that is, if the food is full of chemicals, as every food nowadays is. And if I don’t, I’ll remain true to my path and go the hard way against temptation. (His gaze into the veggies slowly starts to give the impression that he is becoming hypnotized.) Damn it, it’s 

almost as if it has eyes, looking straight into mine, calling me into a trance one cannot possibly wake up from. (Takes a tomato, and talks to it.) Why are you looking at me like that? What wrong did I do so to deserve falling into such an exotic, yet so contiguous, near-at-hand trap? You’re catching me on my feelings, damn tomato! (Puts the tomato in his mouth, and starts chewing it.) And it’s freaking… delightful, this little red juicy spheroid piece of perfection that, except for the perfection part, kind of convincingly reminds me of my wife. (Thinks of something.) My… wife… something’s wrong, I can tell, I can almost smell it. Well, where the hell is she? (Tries to make a phone call, but nobody pick up the phone on the other line.) Goddamn Silvia, where are you? Why did she… where could she possibly get all of these veggies from? Hmm, they kind of look familiar… Oh… (He starts feeling pain in the stomach and gets shocked at the same time.) Oh, no, it can’t be! It’s unthinkable! Oh God, it hurts! 

(Starts rolling in pain. His phone falls off of his hands, and he himself falls down shortly thereafter. He lays down on the floor for some time, then barely manages to get up. He’s holding his belly while feeling the agony.) 

I have to go find her! I hope she’s not already poisoned… 

(He barely walks up to a shelf with different sorts of pills and medicines, from where he takes a few antidote pills. A few moments later, he starts feeling somewhat better.) 

The antidote is working. It’s working! (His phone rings.) They’re calling me from work on Sunday, yeah that’s just plain awesome! (Picks up.) Hi. I’ve… I’ve been better, and you? Tell me you’re joking, aren’t you? Every… body? Every single one? Wait, wait… you’re telling me that… every single doctor that took part in it is sick, is that it? Oh, wow. So they’ve… they’ve cracked the experiment. Someone’s breached the 

entire experiment!? We’re dead meat, John. We’re dead meat. (Hangs up.) 

Scene 3 – written by Olivija Trajkovska 






A bedroom enlightened with artificial light. No windows. Storage boxes full of cosmetics on the floor. A vanity, a bed, and a desk with a computer on it. Alina, a 45 year old woman, is slathering herself in cream. Her entire body is covered, as well as her forehead. The computer rings. It’s a video call. Alina answers. 

THE MENTOR Hi girls! Can you turn on the cameras? Can I see you?…Ok, I see Ana…..Hi, Ana. I see Angela too. Hi Angela. Alina? 

Alina turns on the camera. 

THE MENTOR Oh, wow! Why are you all….slimy..and….weird? 

ALINA I’m sorry. I’m kind of in the middle of doing a skincare treatment. You’ll have to…see me this way. 

THE MENTOR Oh, right! 

ALINA But we have to do what we have to do for beauty, so I’m not too sorry. (Laughs.) It’s what got me here. 

THE MENTOR Fair point. Just like you! (Laughs.) So, girls, you know you are the final 3 selected for the annual “World’s most beautiful 

woman” competition. This stage in the competition is when you 

should finally come to our headquarters, so we can see you in 

person. You ladies look great in photos, but we should be able to see you in real life as well. Of course you shouldn’t worry about 

travel permits, transportation means, and things of that sort, as 

the company will provide everything. So, despite the quarantine 

situation that the world is in, the competition will resume. A 

worldwide panic isn’t a reason to stop the pursuit of beauty! 

ANA Well finally! This stupid disease has stopped us from doing the competition how it should be done…We should have 

come there from the beginning, at the first selection of models, 


ANGELA A disease? Wasn’t it war? I’m not sure….but I thought we were quarantining because of a war. 

ALINA No, no, guys, it’s global warming. The average temperature on earth is higher than before, I know that because I’ve taken 

special measures to protect my skin from the sun. 

THE MENTOR Diseases, wars, suns, all of that is irrelevant. Nothing will stop us from doing the competition. This competition is a cultural 

manifestation happening every year that is way more important 

than some disease. And girls, as if we can’t deal with some 

disease! The human race has progressed so much and people 

are scared because of a disease…Don’t worry, there is …pills, 

hospitals, you know, all that. On the other hand, you girls will not 

be affected. After this competition you will thrive in the world of 

high fashion! All of the designers will seek you out for editorials 

and runways….You will not be bothered with whatever the 

government invents to keep people from doing what they want in 

life…..Ok girls, well that’s it for today’s meeting, you will receive 

further information about the next stage in the competition. Alina, 

please stay. Bye, Ana. Bye, Angela. 

Ana and Angela disconnect form the call. 

THE MENTOR Alina, I’m not supposed to tell you this, but, the odds are on your side. 

ALINA What? I did get in the top three, right? 

THE MENTOR For winning, I mean. For being number one. ALINA Oh my god. Really? 

THE MENTOR Yes. Alina. Your complexion is….like I have never seen before. It’s astonishing. Is it true that you don’t have a single wrinkle on 

your body, anywhere? 

ALINA It is true! No wrinkles at all. 

THE MENTOR Great. That gives you an advantage, you know. Ana has one wrinkle, a smile line, while Angela has two, one above her lip, 

and one on her lip. Looking youthful is too important, if not the 

most important aspect of beauty. So, you are destined to win. 

Especially because, your lack of any wrinkles is almost a 

miracle! You are 45 years old and you look like that! 

ALINA Well, it’s not a miracle. It’s the product of 30 years of discipline and perseverance. I have shielded myself from the sun perfectly. I’m always fully covered in clothing. None of my skin is exposed 

to the sun, ever! 

THE MENTOR Oh, is that so! Interesting! But you will have to take your clothes off when you come here, you know, as we do have to see you in real life. What’s the point in covering up if we can’t see that 

beautiful skin, am I right? 

ALINA Oh, right. Well, I can take my clothes off indoors…. THE MENTOR And outdoors! We want our main star to shine to the world! ALINA Oh…Well…. 

THE MENTOR You wear your sunscreen religiously, I presume. You will be fine….. 

Alina gets worried. She opens another tab on the computer, while the mentor continues to speak. 

THE MENTOR It’s great. You are great. This is what I respect in a woman today. Takes care of herself perfectly. Nowadays women tend to focus 

on other things, as if beauty is not the center of how one is 

perceived by others. But beauty really is the core of one’s 



ALINA Yes, that’s right. Beauty is the core of one’s identity. Especially mine. I mean, I’ve only done this so I can finally model. I’ve been trying to my entire life, but I’ve always been rejected. “Not too pretty in the face,” they would say. Well, now I am, as you said, a miracle. And now, all of those designers want me. 

THE MENTOR Exactly. And we love to see that for you. But what we love more, is to see you, in real life. I can’t wait to see that perfect skin up close! Come on, go finish your skin treatment, and I’ll send all the details on the next steps in the competition. Bye! 


Alina disconnects from the video call. She begins wiping her body while clicking the link in the email. 

Scene 4 – written by Eva Kamcevska 


Anna, an old woman 

Alek, her son 

A small apartment. An older woman (Anna) in her 70 ties sleeps on the sofa. Around her there in an instrument for measuring the blood pressure and some pills. 

Her son (Alek) , a 40 something guy, rushes in. He seems to be in a hurry and is sweating all over his face. He comes close to his mother as if we wants to see if she’s breathing. 

ALEK Mom? Mom? Wake up, mom. 

She slowly opens her eyes. 

ANNA: Oh, son u r here. What time is it? 

ALEK: Are you ok? 

ANNA: What do you think when I sleep in the middle of the day? ALEK: Head in the clouds again? 

ANNA: Feels like I’m floating. 

ALEK: The new pills don’t work either? 

ANNA: They are shit. My blood pressure is up and down all the time. And this weather doesn’t help. It was raining this morning. 

ALEK Now it’s hot as hell. I was delivering the wedding invitations, and I’m soking in sweat. 

ANNA: Let me get u a new shirt. 

ALEK: No, mum leave it. I should be going soon. 

ANNA: What’s the hurry? We can have lunch together. 

ALEK: What do you mean what’s the hurry? 

A break. 

ALEK: What should we do, should I look for another doctor? 

ANNA: Don’t you worry about me, you have a wedding to plan. 

ALEK: Yes I have a wedding and I want you to be there. You are the only family I have mom. 

Mum gets emotional. 

ANNA: You think I don’t want to be there? I’m so happy this day come, you’re getting married finally. 

ALEK: So you’re coming? 

A break. 

ALEK: Mom? 

ANNA: I have to take my blood pressure. 

She does it. The air is filled with suspense. 

ALEK: And? 

ANNA: 170 with 100. 

ALEK: It’s high. 

ANNA: It’s very high. 

ALEK: Take your pills. 

ANNA: I did. 

ALEK: Fuck. I hate this. 

ANNA: Tell me about it. 

The son feels helpless, she feels bad about him, puts her arm around his neck. 

ALEK: It’s raining again. Maybe you’ll be better after the rain. 

ANNA: Maybe. And maybe you didn’t have to make the wedding in another city? 

ALEK: It was Sara’s wish. You know that, we spoke about it already. ANNA: She doesn’t like me. 

ALEK: Here we go again. 

ANNA: She did it on purpose cause she knows I would have a problem with a long trip. I calculated. It’s around 20 hours by a bus. 

ALEK: Then I’ll buy you a plane ticket. 

ANNA: I don’t want you spending money on me. 

ALEK: mum you’re killing me, what should I do? 

ANNA: It’s not your fault. 

ALEK: But it’s Sara’s fault that she wanted to get married to her grandma’s house. 

ANNA: No, that’s beautiful but… 

ALEK: But you can’t come. 

ANNA: Maybe it’s the best I don’t come. I don’t want to ruin your day. What if I faint as I often do so you have to call the paramedics at your wedding? You will always remember the wedding by that. 

ALEK: So there’s no other option? 

ANNA: OK, if you insist… I read something. 

ALEK: Tell me. 

ANNA: You’ll think I’m crazy. 

ALEK: No, tell me whatever it is. 

ANNA: I know a place where there is no change of weather. ALEK: You do? Tell me! 

ANNA: No, better not. 

ALEK: Tell me mum! 

ANNA: It can be very interesting. 

ALEK: Say it already. 

ANNA: Space. 

ALEK: Space? 

ANNA: Space. 

ALEK: Space. 

ANNA: Yes, space. 

ALEK: We do weddings in space? 

ANNA: Now you think I’m crazy, I told you. 

ALEK: No…just very …creative. of course i think you’re crazy mom, wtf? 11

ANNA: Ok, Sara can give a suggestion which can be approved but your own mother… 

A phone call. 

ALEK It’s Sara. 

ANNA: Tell her about the suggestion. 

ALEK: Hey honey. What? When did this happen? There is a month till the wedding, we can repair the house by then. No? Ok, ok i get it. 

ANNA: What happened? 

ALEK: There was a flood in the whole city and her grandma's house is ruined. 

The mother tries not to show her happiness. 

ANNA: So sad. 

ALEK: Fuck. 

ANNA: So, space? 

ALEK: We have to do it here. 

ANNA: Even better. The best. No buses, no planes, no space. Your hometown. Beautiful. 

She hugs him. 

ALEK: Yeah, I guess. But now at least there is no dilemma – you’re coming, right? 

ANNA: Of course, I’m coming. No dilemma for me. No dilemma at all. But now that we’re talking openly, do you have a dilemma maybe? 

ALEK: Me? No, why? 

ANNA: Are you sure Sara is the best choice for you? 

ALEK: Mum! 

Scene 5 – written by Olivija Trajkovska 


Old woman 


Alina / covered woman 

Old man 

Hospital. An old woman talking to the nurse. An old man standing behind her. Behind him stands a covered woman. 

THE OLD WOMAN Miss, I just paid for the surgery…I can’t afford this medicine.. 

THE NURSE I’m sorry. Your husband has to take the pills to recover, otherwise the surgery was pointless. 

THE OLD WOMAN Pointless?!…But… 

THE NURSE So you have to find a way! 

THE OLD WOMAN I’m poor, woman, I’m poor! 

THE NURSE And is it my fault your husband got skin cancer?! No! Maybe he should’ve stayed away from the sun….Damn, you people never listen, and you still continue with your destructive habits. 

THE OLD WOMAN Please…I don’t feel well, I’m not completely healthy either, and I still came here….Just tell me what to do about this… 

THE NURSE I don’t know! It’s your problem! Now please move, there’s a line in here. 

The old woman starts crying quietly. She leaves. The old man approaches the nurse. THE OLD MAN I need to see the skin doctor… 

THE NURSE Skin doctor? You mean dermatologist? 

THE OLD MAN Right, yes. I have a mole. 

THE NURSE Do you have an appointment? 

THE OLD MAN No, but I have this mole, and I have to see a doctor… 13

THE NURSE Have you been using your sunscreen? 

THE OLD MAN Yes, I have. And that’s why… 

THE NURSE Well if you used your sunscreen then why did you get a mole? You haven’t been using it! 

THE OLD MAN Miss, please. You have no idea how hard it is to keep up with the doctor’s recommendation. 

Reapplying every two hours….It’s like I don’t do anything else besides putting on that sun cream, and I still got this mole! 

THE NURSE Did you use sunscreen before the doctor recommended it to you? 


THE NURSE No? Well? Why are you complaining? That is why you got a mole! 

THE OLD MAN I’m sorry but may I please see the doctor? 

THE NURSE No! Because the doctor is busy! With patients that do have appointments! I can’t let you in! 

THE OLD MAN But what should I do, I can’t schedule an appointment for the next 2 months, because there are no available spots… 

THE NURSE Well that isn’t my problem. Please move. 

The old man leaves. The covered woman comes up to the nurse. ALINA I need to see this doctor. 

THE NURSE Do you have an appointment? 

ALINA No, but I was told I don’t need an appointment. 

THE NURSE And who told you that? 

ALINA They told me ….I don’t know who! 

THE NURSE You think you have privileges here?! Don’t you see these people waiting! They also don’t have appointments, and did I let them in? No! 

ALINA But I am not sick, I’m…I need to go to the aesthetics department and see this doctor there. 

THE NURSE The aesthetics department? You have to be kidding me. The world is falling apart and you want a cosmetic procedure?! I’m so tired of vain people like you! No! Please go away! 

ALINA No. I can’t, I swear I need this right now. It’s urgent,, for me…..They told me there is a doctor here that does experiments, I think it was….Dr. Nick? Right, it was him. They told me to see Dr. Nick. 

THE NURSE Oh. THEY told you. Miss, you should have said that from the beginning. I’m really sorry for being rude. Please head this way (points to a room).The doctor will be with you shortly. 

ALINA Thank you. 

Alina heads towards the room. 

Scene 6 – written by Milica Kostova Ristova 


Eva, the woman 

Adam, the man 

The doctor 

Airport crew 

There was a couple who started a journey for their honeymoon. Their destination was Middle East. Their final destination was Egypt. A trip where everything changes. After taraveling for some days, they decided to go home but an emergency alert happens. There are stuck in Egypt and could not go back home. Unexpectedly she got breathed the sand in the Pyramids while visiting Egypt, and  only Adam knows that. Her condition gets worse in time. What will happen? We leave you to enjoy our story. 

London airport 2038, August, Monday 16:30pm 

AIRPORT CREW voices ’PASSENGERS FINAL CALL FOR CAIRO; Eva is scared from flying. She takes medicine for sleeping, but she is very excited. People entering the plane, preparing, packages, babies screaming, usual airport situation. 

The plane is prepared for departing. 

EVA (Takes two pills but doesn’t see the gram of the pills. Stressed, anxious, excited) 

I’m so excited for this trip, finally we will discover the ancient stories, I’m bringing you to see the tombs of the pharaohs, they pyramids and all of the ancient monuments in Egypt. 

ADAM I could not believe I convinced you to get up in the plane. I’m so happy for you Eva. It is very rare that someone is making a thesis in Ancient Egyptian History” 

(Eva looks at him smiling in fear.) Plane departs. 

ADAM Eva, have you heard of “The curse of the pharaohs”? 

EVA I have read something. But it is not trustworthy for me. Do you believe in curses? 

ADAM The curse of the pharaohs or the mummy’s curse is a curse alleged to be cast upon anyone who disturbs the mummy of an ancient 

Egyptian, especially a pharaoh . This curse, which does not 

differentiate between thieves and archaeologists, is claimed to cause bad luck, illness, or death. 

EVA I don’t think that we will be the ones who has that luck. (Laughs) Outside is 55 degrees. They are walking down the aisle in Egypt. They are sightseeing and suddenly Eva postpones the flight for next week, without knowing a fact that will change the situation. 


The Pyramid of Tutan Camon Tomb took Eva’s attention. Walking down the path she forces him to enter it inside. 

ADAM Long journey today. I think we should get back to the hotel. Tomorrow we are leaving. 

EVA We came up to here, let’s go inside the tomb. But again, let’s postpone our flight for next week. I want to see the other Pyramids. I need it for my Thesis. 

ADAM (in doubt) Again I convinced you, let’s stay whenever you need. But to let you know we should be in London at the end of next week. I have some meetings 

EVA It was my always wish to see the TOMB of Tutan Cammon.. There was no entrance written in the entrance, but anyway she smuggled inside with her husband. It is forbidden for tourists to see the tomb. 

After some walking they have reached the tomb. 

Adam and Eva enter the Tomb. Darkness, strange smell. She is slowly touching the walls of the room. 

EVA Mysteries will always be my satisfaction, i wish i could go back in time and see the procedure of doing it. 

ADAM (explains the procedure of mummification) The skin and first few layers of linen bandages were then covered with a resinous coating. The rest of the body was then wrapped, often with the inclusion of amulets and with a mask placed over the head of the mummy. The whole process lasted about 70 days.” 

EVA He unexpectedly died in the age of 19th.. Imagine that the desire for life he had. Very young.. 

Inside his small tomb, the king’s mummy lay within a nest of three coffins , the innermost of solid gold , the two outer ones of gold hammered over wooden frames. On the king’s head was a magnificent golden portrait mask , and numerous pieces of jewelry and amulets lay upon the mummy and in its wrappings. The coffins and stone sarcophagus were surrounded by four text-covered shrines of hammered gold over wood, which practically filled the burial 


EVA There should be a very precious ring on his hands. She touches the glass of the tomb.” 

After spending for some time they leave the tomb. Several days has passed while Eva started coughing. 

EVA I think i have swaten so much from this hot weather. I don’t feel well. By the way I didn’t tell you.. I could not have sleep this night. I had a fever I think.” 

ADAM Let’s go to the hospital, so they could give you some medicines. 

Scene :Hospital 

Meanwhile in the hospitalt here was some crowd that started speaking loudly and the attention was on the news. While walking down Adam stopped to see what is going on, while Eva enters the room for analysis. 

EVA (exits the room for analysis in the hospital) Adam my blood analysis are not good. They want me to stay in the hospital for some days. 

Adam Eva, look there is an emergency alert from the Goverment because of the hot weather. The Cairo government is announcing that will close all of the airports and transportation due to the 55 degrees and the asphalt is melting!!! (Eva enters the room) 

Scene 7 – written by Stefan Markovski 


Dr. Stefan 


Dr. Stefan gets a bag of food from one of the medics, whom he pays with a few coins for the favor. Then goes towards his cabinet in a hurry. Adam is waiting in front of his cabinet, very worried and anxious. As the doctor rushes to enter the cabinet, Adam leans toward him, trying to ask him a question. 

Adam: Hey doc, if I may ask you a ques… 

The doctor gets surprised and almost falls on the doorstep when the door gets opened. Some of the tomatoes fall from his bag on the floor. 

Adam: I’m so sorry, doc. Here… (Picks up the tomatoes off of the floor.) 

Dr. Stefan: What the… what is wrong with you people, don’t you know what a waiting room is? 

Adam: I’m so sorry, didn’t mean to stumble you. 

The doctor takes a deep breath. 

Dr. Stefan: Oh, don’t bother. 

Adam holds the tomatoes in his hands

Adam: Where should I put these? 

Dr. Stefan lets him enter his cabinet, pointing with his hands toward the garbage bin. Dr. Stefan: Right around there. 

Adam: (Throws the tomatoes into the bin.) 

Alright, sir. 

Dr. Stefan: So… (Starts walking in circles inside the cabinet.) 

Did you want to ask me something? 

Adam: That’s right. 

Dr. Stefan takes the doll from the semi-opened drawer, from where it’s hanging. Dr. Stefan: A technical question? 

Adam: (Thinks.) 

A bacteriological one. 

Dr. Stefan: I don’t have an entire day. 


Adam: It’s about my wife… she’s caught some kind of… 

Suddenly, Dr. Stefan begins to look intrigued by what Adam has to say. 

Dr. Stefan: You’re married? 

(Starts caressing the doll.) 

Adam: Yeah, for sure… she’s caught some kind of… I don’t know, bacteria, fungi, whatever… thing that lives in… 

Dr. Stefan: How long have you been married? 

Adam: I don’t know… less than a month? 

Dr. Stefan: Jeez, that’s interesting. 

Adam: (Looks with disbelief at the doctor who caresses the doll.) Speaking of interesting… is that doll your daughter’s? 

Dr. Stefan: (Slightly confused.) 

No, it’s a… it belongs to another girl. 

Adam: I see. 

Dr. Stefan: So, what kind of tests did your wife take? 

Adam: That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, doc. You see, even back in Egypt, she did all possible tests: blood culture, stool and urine samples, CBC, BET… and those guys have no clue whatsoever what’s her 


Dr. Stefan starts coughing. 

Adam: Hey doc… are you okay? 

Dr. Stefan: (Coughing.) 

Yeah, I’m… 

(Drinks water from a bottle.) 

I’m perfectly fine. 

Adam: Okay. So… she has some kind of… 

Dr. Stefan: I heard that already. So how is she now? Does she have a… 20

Adam: She has a problem with her breathing, doc. 

Dr. Stefan: Heavy breathing? Does she vomit? 

Adam: Oh yeah, heavily. 

The doctor continues caressing the doll so that Adam starts feeling uncomfortable. Dr. Stefan: And does she feel, like, super-dizzy when standing up? 

Adam: (Nervously.) 

Yes, absolutely. 

Dr. Stefan: Is she… 

Adam interrupts the doctor, nervously yelling. 

Adam: Yes, doc, she is ill, and she’s got all the goddamn symptoms of a freaking poisoning. And please, put that doll down. It’s utterly 


Dr. Stefan: (Puts down the doll.) 

I… I’m sorry to hear that. There’s been an experiment that could have to do with some symptoms that remind me of this case. 

Adam: What? An experiment? 

Dr. Stefan: Yeah, it’s made top news stories recently? You’re not really into the news, are you? 

Adam: So you’re telling me some sick bastards have made experiments with this level of craziness? 

Dr. Stefan: Exactly, and, I believe it’s not the first time. Do you remember the moment when those symptoms started appearing? 

Adam: She first experienced it when we were in Egypt, and she’s been suffering ever since we left the tomb of Tutankhamun. 

Dr. Stefan: I see. Well, I’ve heard there are some bacteria inhabiting those pyramids that do weird things to the immune system. 

Adam’s phone rings. 

Adam: It’s her. It’s her, gotta go! 

Dr. Stefan: Take care. 

Dr. Stefan takes the doll back in his arms and continues caressing it once again, as Adam leaves. 

Scene 8 – written by Tanja Kuzmanoska 


Filip, husband 

Ana, wife 

Nina, daughter 

Voice from the TV 

A voice from the TV: Temperatures are unbearably cold in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth. The New Year is approaching and the last inhabitants are taking the last planes and leaving the North to the South. 

The wife and husband talk to each other. Their teenage daughter is in the same room, playing with the miniature, white German Spitz: 

Fillip: just came back from work, sat on the sofa and started fidgeting with his hands and feet 

This job is killing me. I am watching every person leaving. There are fewer people every day. I think we are one of the last ones. I am now at the exit gate all the time. 

Ana: I know, I have the same feeling, all the streets are empty. I am hoping that something will come up. But it is only this snow that is falling from the sky. 

What are we going to do, Filip? We are eating the last reserves of food. 22

Fillip: Listen, Ana, I have already asked for help from every single person that I know. Our closest ones are all dead, our friends have already gone to their friends and families, and there is no place for us. 

Ana: And I, I have written so many e-mails. The ones that wrote back, answered negatively. But they were polite, at least. 

Fillip: I even applied to the Ministry of Immigration, and they said that they couldn’t help. 

What will we do? Should we go South by ourselves and be homeless or stay here till the end? 

Ana: (Whispering to Filip) Or maybe we should all kill each other… Nina: Why nobody wants us? 

Ana: Listen, guys, yesterday, after the hiking, I wrote a poem, I got inspired while we were listening to Frank Sinatra. It is called “The silence”. Do you want to hear it? 

(The music starts: Frank Sinatra, Killing me softly 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tbP3f3i03E, Ana starts reading) 

Deep in the mountains 

we inhale the winter 

walking step by step 

enraptured by the last miracles 

of the sunset, at dusk 

in the sky, through the clouds. 

The city is murmuring below 

wrapped in the fog 

and we… 

fill the silence of the unspoken 

with Frank Sinatra’s verses: 

Killing me softly with her words 

Killing me softly with her song… 

Making New Year’s wishes 

we wish to be at some other place 

in some other, better time. 

Fillip Confesses: That’s nice. Even though it’s melancholic. But, when will you write something more positive? 

Ana just looks at him with bitterness: 

Please, Filip, don’t start. 

Filip: Anyway, I forgot to tell you the great news, I’ve got an e-mail from Steve. He said that we can stay at their house, but they don’t have a place for Linda. 

Ana: Maybe the best solution is to leave her behind. There are still people here that will not migrate for anything in the world. No matter what. She will bring joy to their last days… 

Nina: (listening to every word of their conversation) 

But, mommy, daddy, Linda will be scared without us. I don’t want to leave her alone. She will die by herself. You go, I will stay with her. 

Linda, listening to her name runs in and starts jumping on her back legs, reaching with her front legs to Nina, then Filip, then Ana, rubbing her curly fur against everybody. 

Nina: She is like a bouncing ball. Linda, do you want treats? 24

Linda alerts when she listens to the keyword “treats” and sits on her back legs, waiting for her reward. 

Nina: Linda, sit! (Linda doesn’t move.) 

Stand up! (She stands up.) 

Turn around! (She turns around jumping on her back feet.) 

Now lie down! (Linda listens and takes orders from Nina.) 

You’re a smart girl! (Nina is hugging and kissing her) 

Look at her, she is smiling! 

Here! Jump! (Linda fetches the treat in the air and leaves happily wagging her tail.) 

Nina: Look at her, Daddy, she loves us so much. How on Earth can we leave her? Mama, I ca’t live without her. You go, I am staying with her. 

Fillip: No, Nina, stop with the nonsense. What shall we do without you? Do you know that you are our reason to stay alive? 

(Nina is leaving the room all in tears) 

Ana, to Fillip 

Let’s leave Linda on the street. She is strong and will manage all by herself. 

Filip: I have heard about a great Vet, Doctor Orson, he has already saved so many animals, we can leave Linda with him. 

Ana: But, how will Nina react? She will be broken. 

Filip: Ana, either we all die here with Linda, or save each other. We will buy another dog in the South, but, still, it wouldn’t be our Linda. 

We will ask Doctor Orson to take care of her for a couple of days until we come back. And we’ll tell him that we’ve lost her passport and the pedigree. We shall name her Noah. 

(Ana, trying to hide her tears from Nina) 

Nina, we are all going, together with Linda, we have found a place to stay. 

Nina: Yessss, I am so happy! I love you, Mommy, I love you, Daddy. 

Ana and Filip hugging Nina 

We love you too, sweetheart. 

Scene 9 – written by Vesna Kusleska 


Rose, sick daughter – 8 y.o. 

Ann, mother of Rose 

Dr. Stefan, 75 y.o. 

Hospital room with a huge window. Outside is polluted and gray. 

The light in the room is poor. The elements are old. 

Rose sleeps on the bed connected to medical machines and an infusion. Her head is bald, she slowly breaths. 

Next to her bed a poor hospital nightstand. On the nightstand few toys of cartoon heroes and their props. Between them – 

Aladdin’s lamp. 

Ann is standing next to the bed, waiting for the words from Dr. Stefan as she tries to cool down Rose’s temperature with the medical results paper using it as a hand fan. 

On the other side of the Bed is Dr. Stefan, he checks the thermometer. 


Her body temperature is high. 


What can we do…? 

DR. STEFAN: (WITH COMPASSION) We are doing everything we can Mrs. Ann. 

Ann takes a deep breath and nods with her head and continues trying to cool down roses temperature. 

Dr. Stefan tries to break the current unbearable silence as he slowly starts to go closer to the window. 

DR. STEFAN: … These days… you cannot find a single person who doesn’t have increased body temperature… Or increased number of deceases! (SHOWS AT THE GRAY WINDOW) Look at this world my dear! Just look outside! No birds. No bees. No flowers. Lack of water. Lack of air. But… floods, heatstrokes! 

Wildfires! (HE TEARS UP. HIS VOICE SHAKES. HE LOOKS OUTSIDE THE WINDOW) What have we done…!?! (SHORT SILENCE. HE TURNS TO ANN) If I could change the places with her – I would. Gladly. 

ANN: I just want to hope again… 


Oh! It’s almost 9 am… It’s our turn for the fan. 

Ann gives the paper results to Dr. Stefan. 

He takes them and continues to use them as a hand fan. 

Ann furthers away, she heads to the door, but comes back. From the nightstand she takes the Aladdin’s lamp and puts it next to Rose’s pillow. She touches her face and exits the room. 

As she exits, Dr. Stefan starts to read the results. He starts to walk up and down while reading. His steps became faster. 

Rose opens her eyes. 

ROSE: Hello Dr. Stefan… 

Dr. Stefan stops, smiles and turns to Rose. 

DR. STEFAN: Well, hello there! 

ROSE: I am getting better Dr. Stefan? 

DR. STEFAN: Hmm… let’s see… You know… Today I want you to meet someone very special! 

Rose lifts up her head. 

ROSE: Really? Who?! 

DOCTOR: Count to 3! 

Dr. Stefan turns his back on Rose. He makes a simple paper doll from the medical results paper. 

In the meantime, Rose counts. As she counts, she slowly rises up on the bed, getting in an almost sitting position. 

ROSE: 1, 2, 3! (TRIES TO PEEK WHAT DR. STEFAN IS DOING) 3! I said 3! Hey doctor Stefan, are you maybe deaf? I said 3! 

Ann enters carrying a fan and turns it on close to Rose. 


What is this noise!? Rose, you are up! 

Suddenly Dr. Stefan turns to her, changes his voice and starts to revive Mr. Paparelli. Mr. Paparelli waves to her. 

MR. PAPERELLI: Yuhuuuu! 

ROSE: And who are you? 

MR. PAPERELLI: I am Mr. Paperelli Dollos Resultovsky The Third! I work in this hospital since long, long time ago! I check on children’s wellbeing. Today I am here to visit you, my dear Rose! 

ROSE: Mr. Paperelli, you know my name! 

MR. PAPERELLI: I know all the children’s names! I know everything! ROSE: Everything?!! Like… really, really everything? 



ROSE Then… What is my favourite toy?! 

MR. PAPERELLI: Ha! Easy! Alladin’s lamp. 

ROSE: True! Ok… Mr. Paperelli, am I getting better? 

MR. PAPERELLI: Hmm, let’s check! Sparkles in your eyes. Checked! Big smile. Checked! 

Mr. Paparelli starts to tickle Rose, she laughs loudly. 


Very ticklish! Very good, amazing, checked! Yes you are getting better Rose! 

Mr. Paperelli starts to laugh loud. Ann finds it funny. She joins in the laughter. Seems like the little dark room has never been louder, happier. 

Suddenly, Rose stops laughing and starts to breath heavily. 

Ann takes the fan as closer as she can to Rose. 

ROSE: I am thirsty Mr. Paperelli… 

MR. PAPERELLI: Water is on the way, my dear! 

Dr. Stefan leaves the Mr. Paperelli next to Rose. He heads to exit the room. 


How can you thank someone who shares water with your child? 

DR. STEFAN: Never thank me Mrs. Ann. Please. 

Dr. Stefan exits the room. 

Ann sits next to Rose on the bed and holds her hand. 

Scene 10 – written by Hristijan Krstevski 


Dr. Orson 


In front of a veterinerian ambulance. It is slightly raining. Anna is carrying her dog Linda in one hand and she is carrying an umbrella in the other hand. She is devastated, she knocks on the door. Slightly after that Dr.Orson Bear, a veterinarian opens the door. 

ORSON We are closing lady. It has been hell of a day. 

ANA Dr.Bear, please give me a moment to speak with you. 

Orson smashes the door and there is a sound of locking the door that comes from it. Anna kisses her dog and leaves it on the floor. 

ANA I am sorry Linda, baby I have to do this. 

Ana starts bangin on the door. 

ANA Doctor! Please! Open the door. It’s urgent, it is so urgent it can’t wait. 

Orson opens the door slightly and speaks from inside

ORSON This is a veterinarian clinic not a barn. You are destroying my reputation with this behaviour. 

ANA I have to leave my dog here for today. She is not feeling well. ORSON And how is that my problem ? 

ANA You are a veterinarian aren’t you? 

ORSON Veterinarian, not Ghandi. 

ANA I will pay. I will pay as much as it is needed. 

ORSON The pension costs! But my time costs more. 

ANA I will pay twice as much just to let us in. 

ORSON Okay. What kind of animal is it, and what is its name? ANA If you opened the door you could see for yourself. It’s a poodle. 

Anna looks away and speaks to herself. 

ANA Not a poodle but a saviour. 

ORSON I didn’t catch the name. 

Anna gets Linda in her hands and kisses her. 

ANA Let’s call it… Noah. 

ORSON What do you mean lets call it? It’s not its name? 

ANA It is… now it is. 

They both get inside the clinic. 

Scene 11 – written by Eva Kamcesvka 







A hospital. Alek, wearing his wedding suit rushes in with his mom Anna. Anna is wearing her finest 

dress but at the moment doesn’t look good. She is pale as a ghost and Alek is holding her not to fall down. 

Alek Doctor, doctor! 

Nobody comes. Adam, sitting in the waiting room 

comes to help Alek with his mother. They get her to 

sit down. 

Alek Thank you. 

Adam There are no doctors, they are all on their break. 

Alek I can’t believe this happened to me. 

Adam U seem like you’re coming from some celebration. 

Alek My wedding. 

Adam Oh, congrats. 

Alek Thank you, I’m having the time of my life. 

Adam Did she have too much to drink? 

Anna How dare u? 

Alek No, she has problems with her blood pressure when the weather is changing. 

Adam So all the time. 

Alek nods. 

Adam Man, to be in the hospital. On your wedding day. And I thought I was miserable. 

Alek why r u here? 

Adam My wife got sick on our honeymoon in Egypt. 

Alek I’m sorry. 

Adam Yeah… i don’t have luck with my wives. 

Alek You have more than one? 

Adam Not in the same time. This is my second wife. 

Alek Oh…ok. i don’t think I’ll ever have a second wife. 

Anna You never know. 

Alek Mum! I guess u feel better now. 

Adam She is right, your mother. 

Alek No. I found the life of my life. 

Adam Good for you. 

A break. 

Adam Sometimes I think, It was a mistake I divorced my first wife. Alek You think so? 

Adam I know it is a terrible thing to say while my wife is lying there, so sick. Alek I won’t tell. 

Alek winks to him. 

Adam Thank you. Feels good to get it off my chest. 

Alek I got you. 

At that moment, Sara, Alek’s wife enters. She is wearing her brides dress. 

Sara Alek, what happened? How is she? 

Adam Sara? 

Sara Adam? 

Alek You two know each other? 

Sara No. 

Adam Yes. No. This is your wife? 

Alek Yes, why? 

Adam No reason, congrats. 

Alek What’s going on? 

At that moment a doctor comes. 

Doctor Ok, who’s turn is it? 

Alek Let’s go mum. 

Anna No, I wanna hear how they know each other. 

Alek Mum. 

She and Alek enter the doctors office. 

Adam So. Long time no see. 

Sara Don’t you dare ruin this for me. He doesn’t know I was married before. Adam An honest relationship, I see. 

Sara What are you doing here? 

Adam My wife is here. 

Sara Oh, my curses finally got to her.. sorry. Just don’t say anything please. Adam I won’t 

Adam kisses Sara at the same moment when Alek and Anna come out of the doctors office. 

Alek is schocked. He starts shaking. 

Anna Doctor, doctor, I think his blood pressure is getting very high. The doctor takes Alek away. 

Anna I knew you were fake, I knew from the beggining. 

Anna leaves. Sara looks at Adam with disgust. 

Adam Wanna grab a beer? 

Scene 12 – written by Hristijan Krstevski 


Dr. Orson 

A voice on the TV 




There is a ray of moonlight that enlightens the room from the windows on the ceiling. It is a small room in rustic style, there is a coffee table in the middle with with two sofas around it , a couple of practical lights, a wooden chandelier with a fan, a huge carpet on the floor and a small tv in the corner. There are three taxidermic animal heads from a fox, a rabbit and a deer as decors on the walls. Orson Bear, an old and tired veterinarian, enters the room while speaking on his phone. 

ORSON The lady was dellusional, she kept banging on the door even though I told her, I am closing the ambulance… No, she insisted to check her dog… 

Orson sits on the sofa and puts his legs on the table. 

ORSON It was a stupid poodle… and who the hell names their poodle Noah?! When I first saw it was looking fine, some people might even say it was a loving dog… But that name… Now it reminds me of Albert Einstein. No! She insisted on keeping the dog In our pansion for the night. I don’t know… she was looking like a junkie. 

Okay I am getting sleepy, just wanted to tell you that there is one more in the pansion, that’s all… Okay. Yea. Bye. 

Orson puts the phone on the coffee table. He puts the small practical lights on, and turns on the TV. The sounds that come out of the TV are from a tv show about hunting animals. 

ORSON Wrong gun pal… who gave you a gun permit… From that distance and you are using a scope? Amateurs. 

There is a comercial on the TV about the endagered spicies and why people should stop killing some of the animals. 

TV We live with them, so why do we stop them from living with us. Don’t be the trojan horse in the animal kingdom, be a decent human! 

ORSON Would a lion know how to behave on a tea party if he was invited to one? The hypocrisy… 

Orson changes the channel, it is again connected to hunting animals. 

ORSON Son get your ass out of there, you don’t know there are alligators in that pond? 

Those guys are nasty… 

Orson looks araund the room, he is looking at his trophies, the taxidermic heads on the walls. There are only rabbits, foxes and one deer. 

ORSON I’ve never killed nor saved an aligator. Who would like to save an alligator anywas… Nasty creatures… 

Orson is getting sleepy. There is a comercial for dogs on the TV. 

TV Have you heard that most of the pets look like their owners? They are like a mirror of ourselves. Don’t let people think you stink, we can’t bath you, but maybe your poodle, what do you think? 

ORSON You can definitely just scratch my poodle… 

Orson slowly fall asleep. Its starting to rain. The TV is loosing connection and now only static noise comes out of it. The animals on the walls start to talk. 

RABBIT Do you think alligators have homes? 

FOX Did you had a home? 

RABBIT I definitely did… A nice hole with solid walls. It was nicer than this. 

DEER What would an aligator need a home for? To store our families in the freezer? 

RABBIT I was just imagining how the head of Orson Bear would look on the walls. 

The animals start laughing. The rain is getting a lot stronger as they laugh. Orson’s phone starts ringing. Orson wakes up. He dripping out of sweat. Orson looks araund, he is scared. He looks at the heads of the animals on the walls. Orson answers the phone. 

ORSON Yes? Of course I am sleeping, what time is it? I had… a little.. a little dream. It doesn’t matter… Why are you calling? Yes it is raining. What? Are you there already? It can not be flooded. If the streets are flooded i can not get out of the apartment, but I would try to get there. Alligators? 

What?! That can’t be. How can there be alligators in the streets. Okay. Are you already there?! 

Answer me! 

Someone has to save the animals in the pansion. Who? Who did that? Noah? 

Noah who? Oh the poodle? How the hell can a poodle save all the animals, are you on drugs. No I can not get there, you just said there are alligators in the streets. 

The room is starting to foold slightly from the sides. Water is coming on the stage from left and right making the floor wet. Orson sits on the couch. The lights starts buzzing and then the lightbulbs are bursting out. The animal heads on the walls are laughing. Suddenly everything stops. A ray of moonlight gives a spotlight to Orson who is sleeping on the couch. Orson wakes up. He gets on his feet and looks around. He turns on the main light, the chanderlier that is in the middle of the room. There is a little bit of water in the room that is driping from the ceeling. Orson gets out of the room . 

RABBIT Where do you think he went? 

FOX Swimming? 

DEER Do you think he is capable of that? 

Orson gets back in the room, his feet are wet. He closes the door and calls somenoe on the phone. 

ORSON Go there fast! No! I can’t get there! The streets are flooded. Yes I live close, but it is really deep and i don’t have a car. I don’t know, it seems like there are alligators in the waters. No I am not serious of course. Noah in the cage in the last row… Noah! Yes! 

Orson looks arround, the water is getting in on the stage again both from the sides and from the ceeling. Orson approaches the trophies on the walls. There are quiet sounds of animal sceams. Orson truns his back to the animals and trying to get to himself. 

He gets all the heads of the animals off the walls and puts them on the 

chanderlier to save them, after that he sits on the sofa, he is devastated. After a couple of moments his phone rings again. 

ORSON Yes? Are you there? Who is that? Is that Noah’s bark? We had him from one night… What about the other animals? Okay I’m coming… 

Orson gets up and decides to get out of the room but the flood gets inside and knocks him out on the floor. 

Scene 13 – written by Tanja Kuzmanoska 





A voice on the telephone 

A landline phone is ringing; Filip answers the call: 

Filip: Hello 

Telephone Hello, I would like to speak with somebody from the family Mariovski. Filip: Mariovski speaking. Filip, to be precise. 

Telephone Hi Filip, I am an officer from the National Lottery. It was a real pain finding you. I am calling to tell you that you still haven’t appeared to claim your ticket. A month has already passed and there are only a few days left until the prize expires. 

Fillip: Sorry. I don’t understand. What ticket, what prize? I can’t remember when I bought a lottery ticket. 

Telephone No, you haven’t. The shop assistant informed me that your daughter bought a ticket from the shop near your house with the same numbers as the grand prize. That’s how I have found you. 

Filip: Nina, is this true? Did you buy a lottery ticket? And with what money? Do you still have the ticket? 

Nina: Yes, It was in safe, between the books. I bought it with the money left from my birthday. 

Telephone Is the number of your ticket 5059321? 

Nina: Quickly rushing out and into the room again, holding a piece of paper with both her hands, gently and proudly, as a trophy, as if she is carrying all their dreams that could disappear in a moment. 

Nina Can you, please repeat the numbers, but slowly, one by one? 

(Everyone gathers around, looking at the piece of paper, still dazed and confused, and with the utmost stare.) 

Telephone It is 5-0-5-9-3-2-1 

Nina: Yes, that is the correct number. 

Filip: (gathers himself) 

How much is the price worth? 

Telephone You’ve won 50 million dollars. 

Nina (not knowing exactly how much is that amount of money): Does this mean that we are rich now? 

Fillip: We are millionaires, dear! 

Ana: And now, what? 

Nina: Let’s pack our bags immediately. We can take Linda with us and buy a whole hotel in the South now. 

Scene 14 – written by Olivija Trajkovska 


Alina, the covered woman 

A pharmacist 


A warm, sunny morning in a pharmacy. The covered woman, Alina, walks in. She goes to the pharmacist. 

THE PHARMACIST Hi, what can I do for you? 

ALINA I need to get pure vitamin C. 

THE PHARMACIST Do you need it in the form of a supplement, a solution, or a face serum maybe…? 

ALINA Just pure vitamin C. 

THE PHARMACIST Well, nothing is 100% Vitamin C. That’s very hard to come by. 

ALINA What do you mean? 

THE PHARMACIST It’s very hard to purify. We have a powder that’s 99%, if that’s what could work for you. 

ALINA No, it can’t be. 

THE PHARMACIST What do you need it for? 

ALINA It doesn’t matter. My doctor specified that it should be 100%. 

THE PHARMACIST Oh, you need lab grade vitamin C. We do have a powder, but that is only sold to professionals. If your doctor needs 

that for you, they could come get it themselves. 

ALINA So you do have it? Then why didn’t you say so?! Please, just sell it to me. It wouldn’t make a difference if 

my doctor comes, because the powder is for my 


THE PHARMACIST Well, I can only sell that to professionals. I’m sorry. But what do you need it for? Even doctors rarely ask for this 

product….Usually they ask for solutions of lower 


ALINA I don’t know. All I know is that I was asked to provide it. And I don’t have to tell you what he needs it for. 

PHARMACIST And I have to tell you that I can only sell it to professionals. But I am trying to help here. That’s why I’m 

asking. Doctors know we only sell pure substances to 

professionals, so if the doctor sent you, he might want 

something else….And we sell vitamin C derivatives that 

work just as well, for medicinal purposes… 

Alina starts sweating. 

THE PHARMACIST I’m sorry… but, miss, aren’t you hot? Why don’t you take something off? The hat at least? 

ALINA Pure is the best. That’s what the doctor said. THE PHARMACIST Okay, well, I still can’t give it to you. 

Alina starts getting dizzy. 

THE PHARMACIST You aren’t feeling well….Take something off, please, you’ll faint. 

ALINA No, I cannot be exposed to the sun. I don’t want my skin to age. 

The pharmacist calls the paramedics. 

PHARMACIST But it’s way too hot. You wont age in…a couple of minutes… 

ALINA Don’t change the topic! I am hot and I want to leave as soon as possible! Just give me the vitamin C! 

PHARMACIST I’m sorry, I can’t. You should try a different pharmacy, or… 

ALINA Listen. I need this right now. My doctor needs it today to make medicine for me as soon as possible, so I can finally 

take all of this off, so I can…..and I have to travel soon. I 

have to have it before I leave. I don’t have time to go 

somewhere else. 

PHARMACIST I don’t understand what you need it for, but it doesn’t matter, because I can’t give it to you. 

ALINA This medicine that I need vitamin C for is what I need so I can finally take my clothes off! Don’t you get 

it…..Please…..Don’t you know how hot I am? But I can’t! I 

can’t be exposed to the sun! 

Give me the box, or I’ll take it. I’ll go behind the counter, I 

will physically take it from you. 

Alina faints. The paramedics come and start undressing Alina. She gains consciousness. 

ALINA What have you done?! Give me my jacket!!! Alina starts crying. 

PARAMEDIC Miss, you are way too hot. This is why you fainted. She reaches for the jacket. 


The paramedics give her the jacket. She loses consciousness again. 

Scene 15 – written by Emilija Matanickova 


Neda, an activist 

Theo, her boyfriend 

The voice on the radio 

Neda (38) passionate activist for the protection of the aquatic world. 

Teo (40) her boyfriend, a tour guide for the botanical world of the island where they live. 

Neda sat leaning on the couch, looking towards the shore. To the left of the windows are large potted trees. On the right side of the window, various pictures of aquatic animals painted in different techniques are hung all over the wall. 

Theo (was collecting some tools from the lower part of the showcase) I’m going dear to finally fix our favorite set for our romantic dinners. 

They kiss, Theo kisses her forehead. 

Neda: Really, now? You can do that tomorrow. 

Theo: I can’t leave it for tomorrow, I will have tourists, and in the evening I want to have one of those delicious and passionate dinners together, dear. And I bought new candles! 

(He goes to the back semi-open part of the yard / secluded balcony.) 44

Radio: Good day, dear listeners. (Play some music). The weather forecast for today: Unstable, cloudy, heavy rain and wind are expected. Therefore, it is recommended to stay at home. However, we wish you a pleasant and unforgettable day. 

The music continues, a song: 

“Strawberries, cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring 

My summer wine is really made from all these things 

I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to 

A song that I had only sang to just 

A few … 

Suddenly it gets dark, Neda looks at the clouds from the bed. The beach is empty. A strong wind appears. Neda goes to close the windows. 

She carefully observes the ocean, examines it as if she hears something, some sounds, but she does not know what they are. Quickly closes the windows and goes out in front of the house, and heads for the shore. The waves were still good for surfing. She got on his surfboard and headed for the choppy circle. On the surface of the water she saw small parts of someone’s body, like grey little fingers. A bigger wave took her a little to the right, pushed her away, and at that moment a terrible scream from something big appeared on the surface of the water. It was a sea lion. entangled in a net. 

Neda: Oh, God! Come on Neda, this is the moment, show your bravery and uncompromising with yourself. 

Surf back to the beach.There was no lifeguard on the beach. She ran up the stairs where his seat was, opened his bag and took two knives. The water was even more turbulent, not far away it started to thunder and flash. He climbed onto the board with both knives in his hands. 

Neda: Life is not only about collecting roadside garbage, showing beautiful things to tourists. I am part of this water and everything in it. And in it are not only the ones I saved: the turtles and smaller fish. Now is the time to save something huge and wounded, alone. 

The sea lion raised his head out of the water. 

Neda saw his eye, sad, frantic, scared and terrible. 

She rushed with the board to him, caught a piece of the net. 

Neda: Come on baby, I’m here. Don’t be scared. 

She cut a piece of the net. 

The lion thought he could fly free, but there was still much of net. The water became choppy. The surfboard moved away. 

Neda jumped into the water and dived to cut the net, and one knife slips from her hands. Enough to cut through part of the net, it just needed to hold up under the choppy water. 

Neda: Be strong Neda, be Aware. 

Neda floats to the surface exhausted, the lion is freed. The surfboard comes close to her, with the last of her strength she grabs onto it. 

Theo swims out to her, and carries Neda’s unconscious body to the shore. Song (Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for you, George Benson) 

If I had to live my life without you near me 

The days would all be empty 

The nights would seem so long 

With you, I see forever, oh, so clearly 

I might have been in love before 

But it never felt this strong 

Our dreams are young and we both know 

They’ll take us where we want to go 

Hold me now, touch me now 

I don’t want to live without you 

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you 

You ought to know, by now, how much I love you 

One thing you can be sure of 

I’ll never ask for more than your love 

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you 

You ought to know, by now, how much I love you 

The world may change my whole life through but 

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you 

If the road ahead is not so easy 

Our love will lead the way for us 

Like a guiding star 

I’ll be there for you if you should need me 

You don’t have to change a thing 

I love you just the way you are 

Scene 16 – written by Maja Dreca Ristovski 




Medea’s voice 

A voice on the phone 

Beautiful city in the afternoon TONY(25), young computer engineer and his girlfriend ANA (22) whois young eco activist, photographer and student of ecological engineering were holding their hands and enjoy the landscape from the ancient roman city near their town. 

Tony is twice like higher than Ana, wearing dark clothes and have a bodyguard attitude towards her. Ana is lovely petite young lady summer dress with bird design and backpack with her professional photo camera. Tony and Ana knows eachother 

since they were so young because they live in the same building. Tony is putting something back in his pocket. Ana stopped with the walking excited what she saw took the camera and start shooting. 

ANA Wooow what an antic beauty, this theatre is masterpiece. I’m so happy that they revelled for the audience. Can you see the nature here that’s how we should live as a councessnes society. The trees and flowers smells fresh I can breathe pure oxygen. Hey you are not listening to me at all? 

Ana turns and see how Tony is on his knees. She was in shock. 

ANA: No, no isn’t happening to me, I’m so young (she whispered ). 

TONY: You are not used to look me like this, it’s my first time. ( He laughed and take out box from his pocket.) You have already some special idea ? 

Ana take the box I suddenly she overreacted. 

ANA: How can you not knowing me for my whole life, so what it is it that grouse plastic box is not acceptable, you should even thing little bit more for a such a big day! 

Tony stand up and found him self offended so he yell to Ana. 


TONY Hahah are you creasy you think that I’m proposing you? Do I look to you as an idiot volunteering to live in modern slavery ?! 

Ana found her self shocked and ashamed, and start crying. 

ANA: Not even if we were 10 years older? 

Tony was still angry from his rejected plastic box. 

TONY No my lady your problem is not the age, I constantly hear your brainwashed floccules, repeating it like a parrot. Climate changing this, organic that. You obviously never explored even a village, so that’s why I brought you to an antic one to be more romantic for you. 

Ana turned red in her face and jumped and slap his face. 

ANA You are total moron, go live whit your computer and codes only! 

He started laughing loudly 

TONY Maybe I’m moron but romantic one that’ s why you love me. What should I do to please you my eco majesty ? 

Ana calms her self and take her camera back . 

ANA Be invisible and stop pissing me off. At least you can be more funny and creative! 

Tony starts running down heals toward stairs to reach the antic stage. 

TONY I can’t be invisible I’m the master of comedy .( He starts acting) Youth ages, immaturity is outgrow, ignorance can be educated and drunkenness soberly, but stupid can last forever. Oh young boy, open your mind before your mouth! 

Ana started laughing so loud she makes an echo in the whole antic city. TONY Maestro wants an applause to continue! 

Suddenly a heavy rain started and big hail cubes that have pink colour started to fall from the sky. 

Ana watched the colour in shock. 

ANA: Here are the results of poisoning us. 

Several cubes failed on her head and he laid down without councessnes. Tony was running upstairs toward her grab her in his arms and he started yelling. 

TONY Help, help, anyone please, I wish I could fly to the nearest hospital. 

He desperately was running to the city exit to try to get a cab. Ana slowly opened her eyes. 

ANA Who are you? 

Tony smiled and was so happy seeing her being better. 

TONY I can be your holly giant, eco slave, whatever you want. 

She stepped on her feet and look him. 

ANA Oo how generous of you, be invisible and bring me the energy of the black holes, in between I will be exploring my eco floccules for the National Geographic. 

She started running to the exit and hay way which started to flood. Big water came suddenly. Tony was running to catch her. 

TONY Ana come back please let’s come back uphill is safest. 

He catch her in the last moment to save her from the big water coming and continue running uphill. 

The rain stopped a beautiful rainbow showed up in the horizon. Ana was in still in the shock. She listened strange voices in her head. 


Time that sees all things has found you out! 

Of all creatures that can feel and think we woman are the worst treated things alive! 

Tony stopped and looked amazed in the rainbow. 

TONY We live in the purgatory of the pollution hell. 

His telephone was ringing Tony answered his mum call. 

TONY’S MUM: Tony where are you don’t come back in the town with Ana, it is all flooded we lost grandma outside pray for her.I have to call all services. 

TONY No way we’ll find a way to arrive as fast we can to help! Tony and Ana start running towards another exit hoping that is not flooded. 

Scene 17 – written by Vesna Kusleska 


Rose, the sick girl 

Ann, her mother 

Ann sits next to Rose on the bed and holds her hand. 

ROSE: (SPEAKS SLOWLY)Do you think that they are still out there, mom? ANN: Who? 

ROSE: Milica, Lile, Peter… My friends. 

ANN Why do you say that? Where would they be? Rest now… ROSE: Do you think I will see them again? 

ANN: Listen, Lile and Milica just called and wanted to talk to you… something about Peter, but when I told them that you are sleeping, they insisted I shouldn’t wake you up. They even talked to Mr. Paperelli to make sure you are ok. 

Ann carness her dauther on her forehead. 

ROSE: You should have woken me up… Oh… Mom… I had a bad dream. Ann and Peter were suffocating… and Sofia… she was eating from the dirt. We were all so far away from dad… he could not pass the water… 

Ann kisses Rose on her forehead. 

ANN It was just a bad dream. Just a bad dream. Hey did you tell to Mr. Paparelli how the magic lamp works? 

Ann takes the toy and hands it to Rose. She holds it in her hands. 

ROSE: Mr. Paperelli, look! Mom says I should make three wishes every day and one day I will be really lucky, all my wishes will come true… I think Mr. Paperelli is really tired, mom. 

Ann tries to hold back the tears. 

ANN Come on… Make the wishes… 

ROSE First wish: to be Mr. Paparelli’s best friend. Second: to love my mommy forever… 

The mother slowly lies on the bed while she speaks. 

ANN Hey, slow down you sweet child… You have only one more wish for today. Think wisely! What would you like the most in the world? 

Imagine, now you have the chance to get it! What is it? Think. 

Short, pleasant silence. Both of them are lying on the bed with closed eyes and soft smiles. 

ROSE A day out at the beach. Beach like the ones in the cartoons and movies. And sun. A lot of sun. I want to play with big beach ball… I’ve never had a beach ball… I’ve never been on the beach… 

ANN: …And then, Rose… and then…? 

Rose starts to slow down. 

Short silence. 

ROSE: What would you wish, mom? 

Ann cannot start talking. 


Rose takes a big loud breath. As if she almost jumps out of the bed. ROSE: Wooow!!! 

Ann takes Rose in her arms. Tear are rolling down her face. 

ROSE: The beach ball is huge… I can touch it! I am playing… everyone is here… Is it possible that the Ginny really fulfilled my wish, mom? 

Rose exhales her last breath. She drops down Mr. Paparelli. Mr. Paparelli falls on the floor. 

Tears roll from Anns eyes. 

ANN: I wish you were healthy, I wish we lived in another time… I wish there really is a Ginny who can fulfill wishes. 

The machine gives the continuous beeping sound. 

Dr. Stefan enters with a small glass of water and sees Ann silently crying hugging her dead daughter’s body. He puts his head down in disappointment. 

No body moves. Just the fan continues spinning. 


Only the sound that gives away that Rose is dead continues. 

Scene 18 – written by Emilija Matanichkova 


A television 

TV: (Continued) In the Atlantic ocean, in a island, a woman became a real hero. It is about Neda, she is 38 years old and is an activist for the protection and rescue of aquatic animals. 

She saved a sea lion entangled in a net during a storm, strong waves and rain. 

Her health condition is not good, but it is not life-threatening. 

There is a video in which Neda is lying in bandages. 

Scene 19 – written by Valentina Gjorgievska 


Milica and Lile’s mom 

Rose’s mom 

scene on the phones 

Rose’s Mom: Hello. Rose’s mother here. She studies together with your daughters. 

Milica and Lile’s mother: Hello. I’m glad You’re calling. Of course I know Rose, she is a good friend of my two daughters. 

Rose’s mother: Rose told me that Milica and Lile want to go to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus… I know it’s a child’s dream, but it’s good that 

You and Your husband, as parents, agreed to take them to such a distant destination. 

Milica and Lile’s mother: Oh! It is our duty, isn’t it, to fulfill the dreams of our children, at least those that we can… 

Rose’s mother: Well. I have something to suggest You. Because it is a very specific trip and You cannot find it as an offer in existing travel 

agencies, I have a new travel agency, and I want to promote it 

with unusual and unique arrangements. Do You agree if I make 

Your arrangement, if You have not already booked in any 


Milica and Lile’s mother: Wow! This idea is great. In that way, we will realize our travel more easily. 

Rose’s mother: Then I will start making Your travel program, and if it turns out to be an interesting trip, I will enter it into the offer program in my 

agency and offer it to my clients. All I need is You to tell me the 

date of the trip and how many days You want it to last? 

Milica and Lile’s mother: Oh, Immediately, right now…Thanks a lot. You are so kind… 

Scene 20 – written by Olivia Trajkovska and Milica Kostova – Ristova Characters 


Alina, the covered woman 

A hospital room. Eva and Alina on two separate beds in the room. Alina is still fully clothed Suddenly, Eva awakens. 

EVA (Screams) DOCTORS HEEEEEELP, I HAVE A MUMMY NEXT TO ME! Eva’s screaming awakens Alina. 

ALINA What….Where am I…Doctor…DOCTOR!!!! 

Both women are screaming for the doctor to come. 


ALINA Did I drink the potion…Dr. Nick….Is Dr. Nick here…? 


ALINA Can I take this off? Where is the potion…. 



Alina begins to take her clothes off. 


Alina gets up from her bed. Eva panics and takes off her infusion. 


She runs out of the room. Alina goes to a mirror on the wall. She looks at herself, carefully inspecting her face. 


Alina screams loudly. 


Alina starts scrubbing her forehead with her hands. 



Alina continues aggressively scrubbing her skin. 



Eva leaves the room. 


She stops scrubbing her face. The wrinkle forms again. She starts screaming again. 

Eva enters holding a bloody human heart in her hands. 


Eva throws the heart at Alina. Alina looks at the blood everywhere and faints. EVA What?! Tutankhamun?! He died again….He….HE DIED AGAIN!!!!! 

Doctors and nurses rush into the room. Some begin restraining Eva, some go to wake Alina. 


Scene 21 – written by Maja Dreca Ristovski, Hristijan Krstevski and Emilija Matanichkova- Dobkovska 



Dr. Orson 



Neda is sitting on the couch, she is covered with bandages. She is looking towards the shore. Out of the windows on the left there are large potted trees. On the side of the windows there are various painting of aquatic animals painted in different techniques hang all over the wall. 

Doctor Orson is entering the room. He is carrying the plaque of honor covered in pink decorative paper with a ribbon, that he needs to give to Neda. 

ORSON Good morning my precious angel. I am so honored to be here and give you this prestious award. I am so amazed by your magnificent work. 

Neda is trying to stand up but her body hurts. Orson signalises with the hand not to bother he comes closer to her. Neda is talking slowly and there is pain in her voice. 

NEDA Good morning Dr.Orson, thank you for coming. You are welcomed here. 

ORSON Don’t bother dear, how you doing, are you getting better these days? 

Toni and Anna are rushing in through the main door. They seem to be in a hurry. Anna is carying a camera in her hands. Tony is carrying a glass of orange juice that he gives to Neda, after that he sits next to her. 

ANNA I can’t believe he is also here! Dr. Orson it is a huge pleasure to meet you. We are Neda’s guests, we reached out to her after we heard what she have done and she invited us. 

Anna shakes hands with Dr.Orson. 

ORSON Thank you. You are …? 

ANNA I am Anna, actually… I am an environmental engineer. Can I take a photo of you for my blog. 

Orson is a little bit confused but he stands there and looks into the camera while Anna is taking his picture, after that Anna shows Orson the photo on the camera. 

ORSON You have a great sight from these windows… 

ANNA It is truly a little paradise! 

Orson turns back to the windows and notices the paintings on the walls. He comes closer to the paintings. 

ORSON And these animals…. 

NEDA Those are the most endangered animals on the atlantic… You have belugas, hooded seals, sea turtles…. the whale… 

ORSON They be hanging just right on this wall… I wouldnt have that much space in my room… 

ANNA What kind of paintings do you have on your walls ? ORSON On my walls? Let’s say I also have animal themed decor… 

Neda slightly adjusts on the couch and turns her back to Orson. 

NEDA What kind of animals do you protect? 

ORSON Well… you know… all the animals, that… that come to my ambulance, are welcomed… You know it is a little bit different when its a… welll .. Most of my work is focused on nurturing the ones that are in need… 

Tony gets up from the couch and roams around the room

TONY Thats all the doctors do… nurturing… or do the even do that? Anna angrily snaps one more photo with the camera. She is whispering to herself. 

ANNA He always does this… Humiliating… 

ORSON Nurturing… but also saving them, thats our purpose. NEDA How are you doing that? I mean, how do you save the animals? 

ORSON Well It depends, what the animals need. Sometimes we shelter them, we give them the right treatment and maybe… if needed… setting them free. 

NEDA Setting them free? In the wilderness? 

ORSON What? They are not, sea creatures to let them back in the waters…. 59

ANNA You set them free? That’s really amazing… 

Tony is circling around Orson and he stops in front of him. 

TONY Tell us what do you exactly mean by setting them free? How do you do that in your lab. Labs dont really seem liberating to me … 

ORSON Dear… When you have seen as much things as I have, you understand how the animals bodies truly work. There are different methods 

according to what the animal really needs in the particular moment. 

Sometimes all they need is a small medicine. Sometimes with the more unfortunate ones…. there might be a surgery including anesthesia, sharp knives and a lot of hours on the surgeon table. 

TONY And what about the most unfortunate ones? What do you do with them… You throw them away? I have heard a lot of things about the veterinarian liberty in choosing how to treat the animals that are living their last days? 

Now Orson circles around Tony while thinking. 

ORSON I don’t know what you have heard and what are you implying. Our way of liberating the animals in that state is something that is 

understandable and affirmed all around the world. 

NEDA Liberating? As in, letting them free? While they are sick? I don’t understand. 

Tony turns to Anna who is just standing there astonished and amazed. TONY Liberating? Huh… really liberating for sure. 

ORSON Liberating! Is there something more liberating, than letting somone free rather than implying more pain to them? If there is a hopeless situation, hope is just and Illusion. 

TONY So you are saying that Neda should have killed the sea lion? That would be so liberating for the animal, is that right Mr.Bear? 

ORSON In hopeless situations you are either eating or being eaten, thats the way of how nature works! We are part of the nature. Everything else is just a memory, a bad or a good memory. A place, a person, a thought… 

Neda is trying to get up, Anna rushes and helps her to stand on her feet. 

NEDA Mr. Orson, I think that there was misunderstanding. I don’t need any affirmation from people with worldview like yours. Leave the island as it is. We don’t speak the same language… 

Orson leaves the plaque on the table. 

NEDA And take that prise with you. 

Orson is mad and he rushes away from the room. 

TONY My lady… Did you finnaly see the difference between the activist and activist? 

ANNA At least I am happy that we chose the right person to cherish. Tony thank you for supporting me, you are the best sweetheart. 

TONY We flew across the globe… 

NEDA And you can stay as much as you want. All I can is to be the great company that you are… and since I feel better, you can help me to get out on the bench and to see the sun and the ocean. 

Tony and Anna help Neda and they all get out of the room. 

Scene 22 – written by Valentina Gjorgievska 







In the North Pole. Ten months later 

Milica Look mom, how amazingly beautiful the Green Glaciers are. 

Mother Such glaciers cannot be seen in other places. They are created only here. They have been a mystery even to scientists for 200 years. 

Father Together with the white and blue glaciers, they are a wonderful spectrum of “cold beauty”… We didn’t even know they existed and we’ve never seen glaciers in this color, but now we have a chance to see them infront of our eyes. 

Lile Well, we didn’t meet Santa Claus in person, but indirectly he brought us here to see these unique wonders of Mother Nature. 

Milica Let’s thank him. This landscape before our eyes is the most beautiful gift for us from my dearest Santa Claus. 

Mother I agree. And, definitely, this Planet is so amazing. So beautiful. And it is worth enjoying it. But, we must preserve every natural treasure that is within the reach of man… 

Father And, it must be admitted, Nature is more beautiful than even fairy tales… 

Milica Now I know for sure: Santa Claus exists! He is magic. Let’s all now in one voice – Thank you Santa Claus! 

All in one strong voice Thaaaaaaaaank you Santa Claus, You are such a perfect friend and giver!