There is a theme, that of the body in the performing arts, there are artists, in Italy and abroad, who explore theme / universe with the urgency that our time imposes and there are many people who interrogate their and our identities. Tempora/Contempora speaks to those who accept the challenges of contemporaneity with courage and obstinacy. The pandemic and climate change provide opportunities and motivations every day to change ourselves and our way of life and today it is artists who mainly practice utopia and change. The word body is associated and conjugated with other words that enrich its meanings and values: body-landscape, acrobatic body, body-nature, poetic body, beating body, repetition body are the variants of a strategy, a language, a poetics that leads to change and mutation, to that dimension of the future that lives in our present, or as Emanuele Coccia says, ‘the metamorphosis like destiny ‘. Tempora / Contempora, in its third edition, opens spaces for thought and artistic practices that interact with each other, go beyond festival clichés, breaking down consolidated fences and barriers, further strengthening the interdisciplinary and international dimension.